Head of Asia Pacific Centre For Analytics (APCA)

Prof. Dr. R. Logeswaran A / L N. Rajasvaran

Professor Dr. R. Logeswaran is a full-time Professor of Computing and Engineering at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he also served as the Dean of Graduate Studies. He chaired the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology Research Committee and is a core member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Analytics (APCA) as well as the founding Chairman of the Centre for Edutainment and Educational Technologies. Prior to that, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology at Nilai University and before that, the Acting Dean of Engineering and Deputy Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Multimedia University, where he has been serving as an Adjunct Professor. He studied his B.Eng (Hons) Computing at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, and completed his Master of Engineering Science (M.Eng.Sc.) as well as Ph.D. (Engineering) at Multimedia University, Malaysia.

Advisor of Asia Pacific Centre For Analytics (APCA)

Prof. Ts. Ir.Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam

Prof Dr Ir Vinesh Thiruchelvam completed his PhD at University Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia. He is a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), a Chartered Engineer via IET with the Engineering Council of UK and is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE-UK). He has managed smart city development international projects in the India, Russia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Malaysia for the property sector, ports, oil & gas and power plant industries.

Committee Members of Asia Pacific Centre for Analytics (APCA)

Ts. Dr. Syed Mohd Zahid Bin Syed Zainal Ariffin

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Ts. Dr. Yvette Shaan-Li Susiapan

Yvette Shaan-Li Susiapan is an academic with lecturing experience in a several local universities. She obtained her B. Eng. (Hons) Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Control), M. Eng. Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics and Automated Control), as well as Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She is a Chartered Engineer with IMechE, and also a certified Radiation Protection Officer licensed by AELB. Her areas of interests are mainly in tomography and its applications and most recently, in data science. Dr. Susiapan currently serves as a teaching staff at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU).

Prof. Dr. Mandava Rajeswari

Professor in the Data Science group at Faculty of Computing Engineering & Technology, Asia Pacific University. Mandava is a retired Professor of School of Computer Sciences, University Sains Malaysia. She has 35 years of professional career with both breadth and depth in several areas of expertise and has made significant contributions in these areas. With ever new exciting areas emerging, for example Data Science, Deep learning, IoT etc., the key for success and sustainability, she is excited to be part of the Data Science group at Asia Pacific University who has pioneered in establishing Data Science academic programs.

Currently Mandava’s passion is in Data science with an intention to research and  extend machine learning and deep learning techniques to multimodal domains of image, and numeric data analytics. Her teaching courses include Machine Learning, Optimization in Data Science

Mandava has taught a wide variety of courses in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics and Automation. Her personal favourite style of  teaching is active learning which best fits the current z-generation students. She has supervised more than 40 postgraduate students that includes 4 Post doctoral, 14 PhD and several MSc (Research) students.

She has more than 170 publications to her credit with several of the publications in peer reviewed impact factor journals and top conferences. She has served the academic community through invited keynote presentations at International conferences, conducted workshops in special topics related to her research, served as an associate editor to IFAC journal and on the review board of many journals and International conferences.

She was principle investigator of several research projects with a grant amount over 4 million during her career at USM.

Mandava’s research has spanned from machine vision, robotics, image analysis, medical imaging, artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, data mining through several research projects. While my major domain has been image related, her focus is on the core methods that are applicable to many other domains. These core methods are: Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Datamining, Optimization and Meta-heuristics. Some of the specific areas are clustering, classification, fuzzy and rough sets, nature inspired metaheuristics, random walks, variational methods, graph cuts etc.

Throughout her career Mandava has pioneered several areas of research in Malaysia. These include machine vision in in late 80s, robot vision in early 90s, medical image research, computer aided diagnosis solutions and medical image related IT products through 2010. In 2015, started with Neuroimaging with specific focus on Diffusion based imaging with a primary objective to extract, visualise and examine brain white matter fiber tracts to assist in the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and assist neuro surgery.

On the IT related work, Mandava has headed a large group of researchers, developers and medical experts. This team has developed a signature platform called ENDEAVOR – Extensible Medical Image Analysis and Visualization Platform), a patented product, that facilitates image related research and rapid prototyping of impressive products from their research. Using this platform they rolled out minipacs, mobile medical image viewer on android, a collaborative medical image conferencing tool which have won several awards and some of them also have worldwide recognition.

Dr. Booma Poolan Marikannan

Dr Booma is currently working as a Lecturer at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation , Malaysia. Booma received her Doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering from SRM University, India and have worked in several reputable educational Institution in the field of risk analytics and big data analytics. She also involved in various data science research projects during her academic career.

Booma is an experienced Technologist and academician with 9+ years of experience as a trainer and an educator. Being an experienced academician and trainer, she have engaged herself in corporate Training, Data Science Projects consultation in Machine Learning models. She received a best paper award in one of the ISI journal for her research paper. She also received a Best Supportive Teacher award during 2015. She has been invited as a guest speaker for various international conferences and conducted workshops related to Machine Learning. She is SME in the field of Data Science.

Her research interests are towards the area of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Analytics and Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing and Health care & IT. She is actively involved in the research on Prediction of various Cancer diseases using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. She is also an active IEEE and IET member. Furthermore, she is an active member of Asia Pacific Center of Analytics. Being a constant learner, she actively hunting new technologies in IT. She has accomplished many data science related courses. She holds certification in .NET, Tableau Data Scientist badge, Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator program, Predictive Modelling Badge from SAS Academy for Data Science and Machine Learning Data Scientist from SAS Academy for Data Science. Additionally, she is precise in Big Data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. 

Dr. Chandra Reka Ramachandiran

Chandra Reka Ramachandiran is Senior Lecturer at Asia Pacific University and her research interests consist of the vast areas instructional designs and technologies, Human Computer Interaction, Mixed Reality as well as Affective Engineering ( Kansei Engineering). Over her career, Chandra has presented and published prolifically in top conferences and journals and secured several national and internal research grants. Besides that, she was awarded the JASSO Scholarship, a research collaboration between University of Malaya and Chiba University, Japan. She has been appointed as a review and technical committee for numerous ACM / IEEE conferences and many other international conferences. She is currently, a member of the editorial reviewer board for the Journal of e-Learning, International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering, Management & Applied Science, Journal of Educators, and Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

Dr. Imran Medi

Imran is a senior lecturer within APU’s School of Computing, and programme leader for the MSc Data Science and Business Analytics programme.  His current research interests lie in the area of computational inteligence, and evolutionary and biologically inspired algorithms, particularly in the area of health.   

Ms. Hema Latha Krishna Nair

Hema Latha Krishna Nair Senior Lecturer at Asia Pacific University has been working in education since 2008. She has held many roles such as Quality Coordinator, the Chairperson of Asia Pacific Centre of Analytics and the Program Co-Chairperson for the Forth International Conferences of SDIWC, Malaysia. She was also the Head of Program for Bachelors of Computer Science (Hons) and Bachelors of Information Technology (Hons), of Faculty of Information Technology & Science at her previous University.

 In the past she had been leading and teaching modules such as Database programming, Artificial Intelligence Methods and Knowledge Discovery and Data Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics, Web and Social Analytics and Data Warehousing Techniques.

During 2002-2008, she was working as Software Engineer developing software’s’ for Malaysian Customs and Logistics Department and other software developments on web. She further served at Panasonic AVC (M) Sdn Bhd under the Research and Development department working on embedded programing and actively involved in Software Quality Assurance for CCMI Level 3.

Hema Latha was working at the HQ of Panasonic R n D at Kadoma City Japan for technology transfer of Home Theater and Blue Ray discs technology to Malaysia. She achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2002 and further pursued her Master’s Degree in Information Technology Management from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2004 submitting industrial prototype dissertation on Data Analytics for a Manufacturing company. Currently she is pursuing her PhD in Software Engineering with research scope on Classification Optimisation at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Hema is a member of Data Science Malaysia since 2017.

Hema Latha was actively involved in research on Flood Mitigation and Water Channeling and has been awarded the Project Lead for the Ministry of Education Prototype Research Grant in 2014 for special Grant under Malaysian Disaster Management. Currently she is the researcher of Fundamental Research Grant from Ministry of Higher Education for Cancer Data Analytics Malaysia.  She has been invited for talks on Data analytics on Educational Sector and field of Predictive Analytics representing Big Data Malaysia. She also presented on her Cancer Research in Data Mining at Woman in Data Science Kuala Lumpur in March 2018 and was the panelist for the Artificial Intelligence Debate for BIGIT 2018. She was one of the speaker for Marketing Research Society Malaysia conference 2019 on Data dissection for marketing analysis: The challenges of mining profitable data.


Mr. Muhammad Firdaus Che Abdul Rani

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Prof. Nafis Alam

Nafis is currently working as a Professor of Finance and Head of School of Accounting and Finance at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU). He previously served as an Associate Professor of Finance at Henley Business School Malaysia, University of Reading Malaysia and at Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC).  

His scholarly articles have been published in leading journals including The World Economy, Emerging Markets Review, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Banking Regulation, Review of Islamic Economics and Journal of Financial Services Marketing among others. He has also co-authored seven books on Islamic Finance – among them is Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance which is the first of its kind and has sold over 1000 copies worldwide. 

As a frequent traveller, he has given lectures on finance and Islamic finance across the world, including Harvard Islamic Finance Forum at Harvard Law School; a Gulf Research Meeting at Cambridge University, UK; Durham University Summer School; Seoul International Finance Conference (SIFIC); World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF); OIC Asia Trade and Economic Forum, Central bank of Turkey among others. 

Dr Alam has served as a visiting Associate Professor at various universities in the UK and Indonesia. He was featured as a Professor of the Month by Financial Times (FT) in 2014 and received an award for Upcoming Personality in Islamic Finance in 2016 presented by GIFA and hosted by the Indonesian government. 

He is an avid writer and contributes regularly to the mainstream newspaper, economic forum and professional outlets like WEF, Huffington Post, The Edge, The Conversation among others. He has been interviewed by Sputnik, UK; CBS, USA, ABC Australia. 

Recently, He has been appointed as a Workshop Director for Fintech and Islamic Finance Workshop by the Gulf Research Council of the University of Cambridge. He is one of the top influencers in the area of Fintech, Banking regulation, financial Inclusion and Islamic finance. He mentors Fintech platforms in the SEA region. He can be followed at https://twitter.com/nafisalam  

Dr. Preethi Subramaniam

Preethi is currently working as a Lecturer and an Academic Leader for the Computer Science and Software Engineering cluster which is under the School of Computing at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also experienced in administering databases and campus management systems for the education industry where she skillfully worked with her team for a few years in the past.

Dr. Raja Rajeswari Ponnusamy

Dr Raja Rajeswari is a senior lecturer in School of Mathematics, Actuarial and Quantitative Studies at Asia Pacific University for almost nine years. I have mathematics and statistics teaching experience for all level of students including supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students. My research activities focus on predictive modeling, statistics, optimizations, mathematics, and intelligence systems. I have published a number of journal papers under the area of expertise in international and local citation-indexed journals. I am very active in research and also serves as a statistics consultant to several organizations.

Dr. Shubashini Rathina Velu

Shubashini is an academic in university where she has been a faculty member since 1998. Shubashini has 22 years of experience in IT Innovation Design, Database, Business Intelligence from the Academic Sector. Shuba has been managing projects for corporate trainings. Her experience is reflected in her versatile approach and continuous interest in design, innovation and design thinking strategies. Actively in research, published in the scholarly journals, chapters and magazines in Organization Behavior & Information System design issues. She is a Database Certified Associate and also certified Train the Trainer (TTT) from PSMB (Human Resources Development Fund), agency under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia.”

Dr. V. Sivakumar

Dr. V. Sivakumar is currently working as Senior Lecturer at School of Computing in Asia Pacific University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He had earlier served as Faculty at Senior Positions in Several Public Universities of India, Ethiopia and Libya with over 20 years of Experience. He bagged Gold Medal in his Masters. He has done Ph.D. in Computer Science pertaining to the area of Fractals bound Tumour Analysis. His areas of research include Medical Image Processing, Machine Learning, Fractal Analysis and Big Data Analytics. He is one of the proud recipients of 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Award for carrying out INDO-US Collaborative research project at University of North Florida. He has got over 40 publications in Scopus and reputed peer-reviewed journals. He has participated and presented his research articles in several International Conferences. He has got over 100 citation index and 6 h-index to his academic credit.

Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan

Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan is a currently as Senior Lecturer at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) Malaysia.

Dr Vino is an education advocate and employs creative tactics in her teaching and researching.

She is currently an active researcher in the area of Text Mining, Opinion Mining, Chatbots , Edutainment and etc. 

She obtained her Master in Software Engineering – Real Time System from UTM as the Dean’s Merit award (Best Student Award).


She has been in the academic industry for over last 20 years. She has completed her Phd in Computing winning the best of best award Perintis 2016 and has won enormous awards in Innovation Competition since.  She also conducted international tutorial session for LTEC 2019 in Zamora Spain and was sponsored to IEEE 2017 International Conference on Information Technology, at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan 

Mr. Mafas Raheem ​


Mafas is an academic specialized in the field of Data Science & Business Analytics with nearly 15 years of academic & industry experience. He holds an MSc in Data Science & Business Analytics and a Master of Business Administration degree and reading his PhD in the area of Machine Learning/Text analytics. Currently, he works as an academic at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Malaysia. His research areas are business intelligence, visual analytics, predictive analytics, text analytics & sentiment analysis in various domains. He has published a significant number of journal articles in the area of data analytics and machine learning.

Dr. Dewi Octaviani

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